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Kolbe Wisdom™ brings out the relationship of Three Parts of The Mind and Four Action Modes®, especially reveals the hidden key of the mind to improving human performance. That hidden key is the conative mind. [Read more]

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"Kolby is the only system that measures conation -- how you take action. Kolbe A™ Index results are stable, unbiased, and predict how people perform" (Kolbe).

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Kolbe offers a variety of assessments and powerful solutions for individuals and teams. Therefore, organizations can benefit from applying the The Kolbe System™ to hiring, coaching, and organizational development.


Kolbe at a Glance

The Kolbe™ assessment is a way of helping reveal the intuitive ways in which you solve problems and make decisions. These ways have nothing to do with your IQ. They are innate and run very deeply within you. They function in an aspect of your mind known as the conative.


While the cognitive aspect considers your skills, knowledge and understanding, and the affective considers your attitude, personality and preferences, the conative is all about your innate drive to do something, your innate way of taking action. 

The Kolbe A™ Index is unique in that it focuses purely on this aspect of your mind. It looks beyond intelligence and emotions to identify your intuitive approach to taking action. With Kolbe™ your MO ('modus operandi') is revealed to you.

Your MO is determined on the basis of an assessment. This assessment looks into four modes of action: 

  • Fact Finder — How you gather and share information.

  • Follow Thru — How you organize.

  • Quick Start — How you deal with risk and uncertainty.

  • Implementor — How you deal with space and tangibles.

You will find that Kolbe™ results are unbiased and stable. There is no difference between sex, age and race.

In each action mode you receive a score between 1 to 10. These scores are only an indication of how you react within each action mode: it is not a measurement of how 'good' or 'bad' you are in that action. They are there to predict how someone will perform.


While widely used in the United States, The Kolbe™ model remains relatively unknown in Europe. Companies such as Microsoft, Honeywell, NASA and Intel are well-known for hiring people purely for their conative qualities.  

Curious about What Kolbe can do for you?

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