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As for my own journey, I always felt there were a number of unanswered questions about my life. Questions about the way I worked, my personal relationships, my levels of stress. In 2014, my search for answers led me to do the Kolbe™ test.


Doing the test changed my life. I witnessed so many pieces of the puzzle finally fall into place. For once, I was able to understand a number of key aspects about myself: why, for example, some things come so naturally to me, while other things only generate procrastination. 

The Kolbe A™ Index test gave me the ability to see that I am good the way I am. Indeed, that the way I am is my blueprint; that these are my talents, and that they are an enduring aspect of me. The Kolbe™ assessment test allowed me to see that we all have our own instinct to act when it comes to solving problems. It is not about right or wrong. And neither is it about weakness or limitation.

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Captivated by the potential of these insights, in 2016 I travelled to the US to train as a certified Kolbe™ consultant. And, to date, I am proud to be the only certified Kolbe™ Consultant in the Netherlands. In addition, I am also a Kolbe Youth Specialist™ and an ADHD Coach. 


For over 20 years I have worked for international companies, in positions where I interfaced with end-users and internal teams to implement new technologies, as well as tool roll-out and adoption. These processes involve testing, planning, and facilitating end-user training programs. 

Working for companies such as Fokker Aircraft, AT & T Unisource, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Nokia Networks and CAE has given me much knowledge of cross-cultural environments and how to deal with cultural differences. This rich experience equips me to develop and lead training programs for small and medium sized businesses, and other business enterprises. 

I excel in positions and tasks where there is a certain sense of urgency, where I can help others and use my knowledge, skills and experience.


Caring for people, helping them to grow, making them aware of their strengths, empathy and compassion are elements which I not only use in my work as a coach and consultant, but also in my free time.

Since January 2011 I have been a volunteer and regular visitor of Bahay Aurora, a child shelter in the Philippines. Over the years I have supplied hundreds of kilos of clothes, school materials, and medical things for local hospitals. Sharing activities with the children of the shelter, and focussing my care and attention on them, has given me a purpose—as well as countless, priceless experiences and memories.

Since July 2015 I have also worked as a care volunteer at a local hospice. "Being there" for terminal ill patients is not only rewarding and gratifying, but has also taught me that what really matters are the intangible things in life. Things such as

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memories, intense heart to heart conversations, holding someone's hand when they are anxious or in pain, and sometimes simply "being there".

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