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How to leverage peoples instincts and improve individual and team performance

Leveraging Instincts


The Kolbe WisdomTM

Kolbe Corp is a US company based in Arizona. It was established some 40+ years ago by Kathy Kolbe who is an award-winning and internationally recognised theorist and expert on human behaviour.

Kathy’s research, spanning five decades and several continents, represents the foremost body of work within the realm of the Conative dimension of the mind. She developed the Kobe A™ index which is a disarmingly simple way of measuring the distribution and intensity of the four Action Modes within each individual. It takes most people about 20 minutes to complete and provides easy to use results. It doesn’t tell how a person thinks or feels or how much they know or what they value. What it does tell you is what a person left to his or her own devices will do.

The Kolbe A™ Index measures a person’s MO and has been proven valid and reliable in Alpha and Beta research at sites including accounting, banking, insurance, law, manufacturing, health care, advertising, professional sports, architecture, theatre, communications, publishing, engineering, computers, the public sector and many other areas.

The Kolbe Wisdom™ was introduced to Europe in 1998. Since then, members of Leveraging Instincts Europe achieve sustainable superior results by enriching their work with conative insights and concepts, whenever appropriate and possible.

The Kolbe Wisdom™:

- Identifies the Nature of Creative Instincts

The Kolbe Wisdom™ is based on the concept that the creative instincts are the source of the mental energy that drives people to take specific actions. This mental drive is separate and distinct from passive feelings and thoughts. Creative instincts are manifested in an innate pattern (modus operandi, or MO) that determines each person’s best efforts.

A person’s MO is quantifiable and observable yet functions at the subconscious level. MOs vary across the general population with no gender, age or racial bias.

- Defines the Influence of Instinctive Power

An individual’s MO governs actions, counteractions, and interactions. The MO also determines a person’s use of time and his or her natural form of communication. Exercising control over this mental resource gives people the freedom to be their authentic selves.

- Quantifies the Negative Impact of Impeding Instinctive Energy

Any interference with the use of this energy reduces a person’s effectiveness and the joy of accomplishment. Negative stress inevitably results from the prolonged disruption of the flow of this energy. Others can nurture this natural ability but block it by attempting to alter it.

- Predicts Individual and Team Performance

Individual performance can be predicted with great accuracy by comparing instinctive realities, self-expectations and requirements. It will fluctuate based on the appropriateness of expectations and requirements.

When groups of people with their right mix of MOs functions interactively, the combined mental energy produces synergy. Such a team can perform at a higher level than is possible for the same group of people functioning independently.

Team performance is accurately predicted by a set of algorithms that determines the appropriate balance and makeup of MOs.

- Optimises Individual and Team Performance

Leaders can optimise individual and group performance by:

1. Giving people the freedom to be themselves.

2. Assigning jobs suited to instinctive strengths.

3. Building Synergistic teams.

4. Reducing obstacles that cause debilitating stress.

5. Rewarding committed use of instinctive energy.

6. Allowing for the appropriate use of time.

7. Communicating in ways that trigger the effective use of the natural, universal, and unbiased energy of creative instincts.

In Summary

- Skills can be taught, and personalities can change but instincts are hardwired into every individual. Because the Kolbe team management system is based on unchangeable instincts, it is the only proven way companies can accurately:

· Forecast how teams will perform.

· Create teams with the most synergistic mix of people.

· Determine whether particular candidates are right for a job.

- Some of the benefits provided by the Kolbe System® are:

· Building effective, productive work groups and project teams

· Hiring the right people and keeping them

· Having motivated employees working to their full capacity

· Predicting the outcome of organisational restructuring by predicting what will happen if:

- Leadership is changed

- Employee roles are switched

- Particular employees are added to a work group

- A team is downsized

· Providing judgement free ways to coach people

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